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Contact: Charles Dai, Purchasing Assistant
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Buying Office, Exporter
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Our parent company, Genius Group, established in 1979, is an End-User of Re-PET in China with monthly consumption of 10,000 MT (22 million lbs.) of PET.

We are currently buying PET flakes, PET regrind, PET lumps, PET fines, PET strappings / films, PET preforms and other PET by-products, off-grade or recycled materials.

We have our own licenses from AQSIQ and CCIC.

Please answer the following questions so that we may know more about the purchase:
1)Can you please tell me more about the PET that your factory sells.
2)Can you please tell me the cleanliness, color, and condition of the PET. Where is the origination of the PET product.
3)What is the quantity of PET products on hand, and will you have it on an on-going basis, how much per month?
4)What is the price that you are looking for?

A full description and some pictures of the PET products would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Our company has a very strict payment policy for all first time deals, we will be paying L/C on sight (no deposists whatsoever before we see the materials), loading inspection is required. If these terms are agreeable, then please provide the price you are willing to sell at on an ex-work (pickup at your factory or warehouse) basis.

Charles Dai
Fiber USA Corp.
New York Branch of Genius Group

136-20 38th Avenue, 11F
Flushing, New York 11354

Tel: 718-888-1512
Fax: 718-762-2028
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